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Sto escort cannon build

sto escort cannon build

With a torpedo launcher, you usually grab the Torpedo Spread ability jag söker kvinnor to hit multiple targets (and it'll do extra damage against a single target).
If you are worried about tractor beams (and it is certainly a possibility you can swap out HE1 for PH1, but then that leaves you vulnerable to plasma burn, so I prefer to use my evasive maneuvers to break tractor beams.
Aft you'll want 2 turrets with.
Your engineering console should be armor.Garretts notes: These posts are written by my brother to help bring new players, that is, players getting into the game at low levels, up to speed with regards to good loadouts for their ships of different types and how to get into keybinds.You could conceivably use dual beam banks without it being too wasteful, but you should probably stick to DHCs and DCs.Engineering consoles are usually where I put Universal Consoles, unless I want an RCS or Neutronium.The trait has the unique attribute to prolong the duration of Cannon: Scatter Volley by 4 seconds.It packs a big punch, its fast and nimble, but its also pretty squishy.Your ship will teleport approximately 8km from its current location, become briefly untargetable, and have its hull and shields restored by a large amount.Tl;dr 1) Use Dual-Heavy Cannons to maximize dps 2) You can use a torpedo up front, but dont have to 3) Do not use single cannons or beam arrays for fore weapons 4) Use turrets or mines for aft weapons 5) Keep your speed.You may also consider the, protonic Arsenal weapons (torpedo and weapon) if you're using Antiprotons.Britton has been playing STO since summer 2012, but hardly plays at all since he has two kids.In case of global cooldown this means that one basically has the benefits of this boff ability running continuously forming a powerful combination with Supremacy.You have two Science abilities.The playstyle with cannons is a bit different from broadsiding beams and can be described best as park and shoot for PvE.
Thanks for reading and happy shooting all.
The TT1s should be chained and running all the time to effectively give you 4x the shields if attacked from one quadrant only.

They deal the highest DPS in eSTFs, no contest.Those of us who played through the original No Win Scenario came to respect the benefits of some crowd control on cannon builds.You have three Ens Tac abilities, two Lt Tac abilities, an two higher level ones.It also gives you a nice little dps boost.This effect may only trigger once every 3 minutes).You likely want Attack Pattern Omega as your CDR ability, kvinna söker man i bremen which (among other things) helps against Undine snot balls.Therefor I always see to.Only once you are out of combat will you switch to defense mode to heal your shields.You can stick in Torpedo Spread 1 or Beam Overload 1 for the third Ensign slot, and can put in two copies of Cannon Rapid Fire (PvP) or Cannon Scatter Volley (PvE) for the Lt slots.Another trait adjustment would be to exchange Beam Training and Beam Barrage with Cannon Training and perhaps Helmsman to gain more speed and maneuverability.Shield drain and transphasic torpedoes are nice against the Voth.Typically, you will fly in at high speed, hit your target with an alpha strike, and then use your escape power mode to get away once your shields start to fail.For front armaments I favor Dual Heavy Cannons after S13 since the proc of embassy consoles has been reduced to uselessness and we get additional and now working Crit D on those guns.

Cannons suffer the same damage drop off as beams so staying close to the targets helps.
You have only three Engineering abilities, which is why I tend not to fly ships with station layouts like this.