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Ww2 phased escort tactics

Chuikov's 'guide' to urban warfare was extremely effective.
After the pull-out the pilot regained control and retracted the dive brakes, opened the throttle, trimmed for level flight and made his getaway.The tanks that had radios often couldn't communicate back, as these were primitive Soviet ones.Suicidal charges were attempted to be kept at a minimum.That changed his POV in a hurry. .Furthermore, against candy escort stockholm operational targets, which were usually defended by anti-aircraft guns, the errors for all types of bombing were two or even three times as great as those indicated on the training ranges.It took about 8,000ft for it to reach its limiting speed of about 350mph, after which its velocity remained constant.Ju 88 were essentially similar, though the actual dive was somewhat shallower (60 during the early part of the war, reduced to 50 later).They could only expend 4 or 5 shots in a burst per gun at fighters that were small, fast, and maneuverable and attacked in waves shooting up the one, two, or three behind him. .Back to Part I: German Ju 87 Junkers dive-bomber, following the tactics employed with the Junkers.And who can blame them.Larger formations would be made up of several of these Vics in line astern, with a spacing of about 300yd between aircraft, up to a usual maximum of about 30 machines (Gruppe strength).4.9k Views, view 32 Upvoters, answer requested by, juan Herrera.They learned to utilize the surroundings to their maximum benefit, but only after they had fought several times and thousands of others who failed to learn died or were wounded.There really was a battering down through the chain of command.Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback.

One of my cousins told me of how on several missions a red tail bailed his aircraft out of the fire. .What were they like?Escort fighters helped prevent coordinated attacks. .And officers battered their men even roughly.Damage one and it would fall out of formation and become a sitting duck for eight to ten attackers.In each case the nature of the target dictated the bomb load carried by the Ju 87; against a concreted fortification, for example, a single SD-500 would be used; against field artillery positions, a typical load would be one SC-250 under the fuselage and four.The only ones that could both receive and send was the ones the leader tanks had.When approaching their target the Ju 87s would, typically, fly in three-aircraft Vics (Ketten) at about 15,000ft, cruising at 150mph.You sound like General Ira Akers. .Many troops were peasants, often illiterate.And Kurks where they effectively utilized another 'bait' which was in actuality a trap.His quite experienced troops made fortresses out of the rubble of Stalingrad, using submachineguns, throwable explosives and sniper rifles to hold off German attacks.
Four seconds before the dive-bomber passed the pull-out altitude previously set on the contacting altimeter, the latter sounded a horn.