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Wagon escort black desert online

Acquisition Trade Wagon can be only crafted via the Wagon Workshop in Calpheon.
Merchant Wagon Parts Merchant Wagon Wheel: 2 Movement Speed Merchant Wagon Flag: 16 DP Merchant Wagon Badge: 150 LT Weight Merchant Wagon Cover: 16 DP, Item Trade Stability 20 To craft them, you will need the following mats and a Level 3 Wagon Parts Workshop.They will completely override the appearance of your wagon/wagon parts so whatever wagon equipping these skins will look the same.( Farm wagon won't last 23hr tho, from what i read its around 16hr.This will increase your durability by 1000 with a cooldown of 5 mins.To craft it you will need 2x Wagon Horse (purchased from any stable NPC) 8x Cedar Plywood (400 Cedar Timber made into 80 Cedar Planks and then into 8 Plywoods) 8x Brass Ingot (80x Melted Copper Shards and 80x Melted Zinc Shards).So please give us knowledge.Contents, general Intro, wagons, wagons are used primarily for trading and hose training.To craft it you will need 4x Wagon Horse (purchased from any stable NPC) 12x Acacia Plywood (600 Acadia Timber made into 120 Acacia Planks and then into 12 Plywoods) 12x Brass Ingot (120x Melted Copper Shards and 120x Melted Zinc Shards).Hi, i've seen that question coming multiple times on this sub various forums, and i've seen multiple answers wich were sometimes pretty false or missleading, so i decided to just post the results i had from personal testing.Olvia (Tier 1 Shabby and Filmsy Velia (Tier 1 Shabby and Filmsy Heidel (Tier 1, 2 Strong and Filmsy, Farm Calpheon (Tier 1, 2, 3 Strong and Filmsy, Trade, Noble Altinova (Tier 1, 2, 3 White and Filmsy, Merchant, Noble.

Part Shabby Strong White Farm Trade Merchant Noble Wheel (Movement Speed).5 2 2 Flag (DP) DP 13 DP 16 DP 16 DP Badge (Weight Limit) Cover (DP/Trade Stability) 10/20 15/27 20/34 10/10 13/15 16/20 16/20 Much like Armor/Weapons, you can enchant them using Black Stone.10x Soft Hide (Drying Deer, Sheep or Fox Hide) 20x Black Stone Powder Stats Stats wise it has 16 slots and a maximum weight limit of 720LT.1x Clear Liquid Reagent kontakta essex polisen rekrytering 3x Melted Iron Shard 4x Rough Stones 2x Trace of Savagery Clear Liquid Reagent is made by Alchemy and requires 1x Weed, 1x Sunrise Herb, 1x Salt, and 1x Purified Water.Acquisition Merchant Wagon can be only crafted via the Wagon Workshop in Altinova.Strong Wagon Parts Strong Wagon Wheel: 2 Movement Speed Strong Wagon Flag: 15 DP Strong Wagon Badge: 120 LT Weight Strong Wagon Cover: 15 DP, Item Trade Stability 27 To craft them, you will need the following mats and a Level 2 Wagon Parts Workshop.10 Plank makes 1 Plywood.You will need to spend 35 energy and talk to the Node manager to make the node appear.White Wagons seems to have the most effective wagon parts in terms of stats.